Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am not joining a gym.
I am taking a belly dance class instead.

I am not starting a new diet.
I am returning to the way I was eating when I was healthiest. (No more cookie baking for awhile!)

I am not going to quit smoking.
I am going to continue smoking and therefore not kill anyone.

I am not going to try new hobbies.
I am going to continue working on and improving the projects I already have going.

I am not going to pare down my Facebook friends list to only those who interact with me daily.
I am going to attempt to be more present to my friends and their lives, both on FB and in real life.

I am not going to stop being who I am.
I am going to keep moving forward with being the me I'm supposed to be.

The Papa, The Mama, and Moi.
Happy New Year, from the StuntGirl.


  1. A belly dance class--that sounds like fun & it's gotta be great exercise without even knowing it! Have fun! :-)